A Lively New Hotel Tradition in Thong Lo

Hotel Verve brings a spirited blend of modern Asian style and time-honored
service excellence to one of Bangkok’s best addresses.

Hotel Verve is located on Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thong Lo), only 150 meters from the hotel to
BTS Sky Train-Thong Lo Station where you are able to access to major tourist destinations,
Hotel Verve provides today’s astute travelers from Asia and beyond the best
of modern hospitality enhanced by time-honored service excellence.

A striking new look retains elements of the hotel’s history and heritage yet within a fully updated environment.
Taking inspiration from Japanese architectural and interior components as well as other contemporary Asian motifs,
designers have created a more open setting to complement Hotel Verve’s cozy, home-like atmosphere.
New focal points include pebble gardens, interior flowing water features,
wall murals depicting mountain vistas and sun-ray scenes, along with beguiling art objects such as raindrop-shaped lamps.
All design elements bring the outdoors inside and contribute to a sense of calm and spaciousness throughout Hotel Verve’s rooms and facilities.